Attorney at Law Robert P. DeWitt, JR. P.L.C.



The law firm of Robert P. DeWitt, Jr., P.L.C. is engaged in the general practice of law and can assist you with most legal work.
Mr. DeWitt received his undergraduate degree from the
University of Michigan and is a 1984 graduate of the Detroit  College of Law.  
Mr. DeWitt is a member of the State Bar of Michigan and the Consumer Bankruptcy Association.

Proudly Serves His Community

Fire Board For Brandon Township

Served on the Fire Board in Brandon Township for six years.

Brandon Township Board of Trustees

Served on the Brandon Township Board of Trustees for six years and has represented the  Brandon Township Public Library.

Currently Serving Addison Township

Mr. DeWitt currently serves on both the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Fire Board for Addison Township.





Hard At Work For You



Mr. Robert DeWitt has been a licensed attorney since May 1984 and has been practicing for 34 years.



With an office located in Troy on Big Beaver near Somerset mall Robert's experience in commercial law, business planning and business  acquisition to name a few are fundamental to produce a solid foundation  with which to achieve your business's goals.    



Mr. DeWitt is a Rural attorney  with an office in Ortonville on Ortonville Rd.  Robert is passionate about the various facets of rural communities.  In addition to his own hobbies of bird hunting, gardening, raising chickens and so on, he supports his wife's passion with horses, as co-owner of their boarding and training facility.  His "hands on" attitude provides a  wealth of knowledge and experience, not only of the law surrounding rural communities, but how the  justice system works in your community. 

Real people helping real people

Robert P. DeWitt Jr. goes the extra mile for the people he represents and had a vast array of resourses to ensure they get the highest quality service available.

Robert is a qualified and experienced support for you and your family, his goal is to bring closure to your legal concerns with your satisfaction in mind.

When  you experience a legal crisis in life everything can change – we know that at our  practice, with more than a thirty years experienced litigating on our  clients' behalf, you can focus on recovering, instead of finding  yourself overwhelmed and worried about your court case.